Team JigMasters


Cody Jennings (OH) - Owner

Social Media: Instagram:@jigmasters Facebook:@JigMastersTackle

Favorite Technique(Bass) : Flipping Wooded Cover

Favorite JigMasters' Lure : JigMasters Signature Flipping Jig

Bass Fishing Background: I was born into bass fishing as my dad was very passionate (borderline obsessed) with the sport. The more and more trips i took as a kid, the more i became obsessed as well. Those trips as a kid over 20 years ago really started the process to where my skills are at today and the passion level to let me attempt getting into the lure industry.

Stephanie Ray.jpg

Stephanie Ray (MI) - Stephanie Ray's Lure Series

Social Media: Instagram : @the_gazelle_16

Favorite Technique(Panfish) : Throwing small bladed lures

Favorite JigMasters' Lure : Gazelle's Micro Spinner

Pan-fishing Background: I started fishing with my Dad for panfish as soon as i was old enough to hold a fishing pole. As i always enjoyed fishing, once I moved to Michigan after college for a career in Physical Therapy, I have been been able to advance my skillset of determining the right lure for the most productivity.

Derrick Jennings.jpg

Derrick Jennings (OH) - Field Rep.

Favorite Technique(Bass) : Spinnerbaits around wooded cover

Favorite JigMasters' Lure : JigMasters Signature Spinnerbait - Colorado/Willow

Bass Fishing Background: My dad got me into bass fishing at a very young age. I really started to take it into a whole different level in my late teenage years with a very scientific approach to the sport (this I passed onto Cody too at a young age) , always trying to learn the best lure for each situation is something that really helped me in tournament success on Lake Erie after i moved north. I was able to use this passion, this scientific approach, and my natural skill set to be able to win several large opens on Lake Erie.

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Robert Huffman (FL) - Field Rep.

Favorite Technique(Bass) : Topwater

Favorite JigMasters' Lure : JigMasters Signature Buzzbait

Bass Fishing Background: I started bass fishing back when i was 12 years old, and got hooked on the sport very quickly. Then at the age of 18, I met Cody's father (Derrick) and really liking the sport quickly turned to addicted to the sport shortly after. I keep in close touch with Cody and his father to provide any lure feedback as well as new ideas to make sure to help him develop lures and help him reach his dreams!